Name Brand Matters…Or Does It?



Name_Brand_Matters.._Cover_for_Kindle (2)

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Are you just starting Middle School; or is this your second year in Middle School? If youranswer is “yes” to either or both questions, then you will probably relate to this book.

Being picked on because of the name of your jeans or shoes makes you feel just awful! Especially if your parent(s) cannot afford it and you “know” you won’t be getting designer clothes. What can you do about the bullies who are always making fun of you…? Do you become a push-over, fight them, or tell someone with authority? In “Name Brand Matters…Or Does It?” the victim does all three! Find out what happens to her when all three occur.

Remember…”You are important!” And, always find help when you are in a situation that bothers you. This includes others that you see; who are being bullied. Be helpful when you can; but do this in the most safe and best way. 

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