Hanging Out with the Girls!

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Shane was a complete failure in all of the 6th grade school’s sports. Most of the guys made sure, that he would not forget about that! They rough-housed him on a daily basis; confirming that, he was positively a loser. The only ones, that had his back, were his two best friends, Jasmine and Ginger. Only “hanging out with the girls,” gave him the name “Gay Wad.” The insults and physical assaults did not end; until, he took on a new sport. This sport became the ending of all the torment. Since Shane was determined and hard-headed, things began to change. At the end of school. his life took a 360!

Girls – Clothes – Bullies

Name_Brand_Matters.._Cover_for_Kindle (2)As some schools are about to begin, I can recall some of the feelings, that I had as a child. Even though my parents could afford some “name brand” clothes, it did not stop the stares, giggles, and humility. Wearing only a couple of “Izod” shirts a week, sometimes, made things worse. I would get teased and accused of buying them at a thrift store. NOT good!

The reason for my blog is to let those going through this know…to stay strong and overcome their (the bullies) stupidity. WHO CARES if you are called a “snitch”…BE A SNITCH! Tell everyone that you see about ANYONE who is causing you pain, physical or mental! Because, I guarantee you, the bullies WILL be heard. 

Link to: Name Brand Matters…Or Does It?

And the series continues

“I’m Not Yours” series

will continue!

While Lacey is trying to mentally escape Justin and keep her thoughts on Greg…Another twist in the story interrupts her recovery. Jail does NOT deter Justin completely.

What in the world is this poor girl to do? How would YOU like book 3 to be? What do YOU think will happen? 

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