Jolake Bivins

I’m quite the southern lady, raised only in the south. Heels and mud boots are both my style. Flexibility of being elegant or acting like a tom-boy is the story of my life. I am very much a people lover of all kinds; but, I hate society’s racisms and judgements they breathe on.

 Jesus is my Father who guides me day by day; without Him, I would be nothing!  

Writing has given me an open window to help teens and create work in any direction that I may want travel. My first books are guided towards teenagers and their issues.. You know…those human beings that cannot make adult decisions and are too old to be placed in the corner for bad behavior? Yep, they are the same ones that a lot of parents do not give ear to; maybe it is unintentional, maybe not. 

Through experiences, personal and  by sight, I’ve learned quite a bit about our pre-adults. They have stress too! It seems, when you are a teen, nobody understands or wants to listen…But I do, I seriously get it and try to understand their dilemmas.

No matter what I may write, my intentions are to provide clean, short stories for you or someone you love to enjoy.